RIP Paul Adams


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While we tell of little anecdotes on Paul, I want to add...

One day we were exchanging notes on line and he reminded me that he was my course supervisor at Big Blue when the order was all tech people had to train on Happiness Rundown.

I had forgotten !

Then he sent me this with his British sense of humor ~ (it was probably posted on ESMB as well.)OB.Paul.A.cans.jpg


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Yes, he was a generous person. I did some coding for him on his 'Paul's Robot' site. He offered to pay me for my work but I was happy to do it just for something to do and to put what coding skills I did have to some useful purpose.

Later on he presented me with a brand new smartphone to make vids of mr crow with, which I think was his way of repaying me for my work. I will miss him am missing him a lot.
Yes we are missing the “here if him” a lot too. We chatted, had meals, went out to visit friends. Sad... 😢

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I'm sorry to hear about this.

Paul Adams was one of the Ex-Scientologists I most looked up to.

And Paul was the one Ex-Scientologist who could make me most ashamed of myself for being who I was.

He had a similar effect on me ... he didn't buy into drama, didn't hang onto silly upsets and was (is) what I think of as a pure spirit.


For Paul...

High or low, where'd you go?
Are you stuck in the middle?
A spectral invisible ghost
I'm here juxtaposed
Like images of angels in the snow
Our courage melts away, it comes then goes
Where you been? Cannot find
A glimpse of my friend
Don't know where or when one of us left
The other behind
Divisions came and troubles multiplied
Incisions made by scalpel blades of time

Comes then goes
Comes then goes

Can I say, how ya been?
I can guess and conjecture
My altered perceptions unclear
Please interfere
Sadness comes with it a sea of tears
Would some love be best had it not appeared?
Is this you? Here I stand
Intense recollections of pain, self-neglecting again
Like you, I keep it in
Thought you found a game where you could win
Yeah, it's all vivisection in the end

Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes

High or low, try again
She fell off the altar
A vision you caught her but then
A woodcut in red
I wish it was not you that she had led
Selfish navigation with no end
Where'd you sleep? Can I find
A deeper connection
In the face of rejection I'm trying
I'm trying
Evidence in the echoes of your mind
Leads me to believe we missed the signs
Can I try one last time?
Could all use a savior from human behavior sometimes
And the kids are alright
The Queen of Collections took your time
Sadness comes 'cause some of it was mine

Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes
Comes then goes


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I feel like quoting Paul from my thread from the the old boards:

Thank you so much for posting Paul's words. . .

I loved the selection of his works you chose! He seems "here" again with us---wherever that is that we are.

Hi Paul!
They got any kind of keyboards up where you are? Do
drop us a line, here and there, old friend.

from all of us (on this planet) lol

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That's really sad news.
I really liked and respected him, a real stand up guy and quite laid back. Liked his humour too.
He will be missed .

I guess it shows the measure of a person when you don't hear a bad word about them.

I wasn't surprised to hear he was one of the main players behind supporting these forums and not looking for accolades.


Thanks for sharing all your wonderful memories of Paul. It's so good to know he meant so much to so many of you ❤

OMG No! We have been seeing him over the last couple of years, and we last spoke to him a couple of months ago! I’m really, really sad and thank you for letting us know. With this bloody lockdown situation I’m guessing we can’t go to his funeral either (unless it’s happened already)! Really devastated! 😭😭
The funeral was on Monday. Due to current restrictions no one but the celebrant was allowed to be present. The celebrant read a eulogy written by his next of kin, and he said that despite the lack of a 'congregation', as it were, he found the service very moving!

Can I ask how he died? I had no idea that he was even sick.
Yes. What happened?
The main cause of death was determined to be pericarditis.

The death certificate also mentions a "disseminated malignancy (pending histology)", which sounds like Paul may have had an early-stage cancer he wasn't aware of yet. It feels a bit wrong to say this, but if that is the case, I suppose maybe he was in a way lucky to go before it got any worse :(

Dotey OT

Here is the effect that Paul had on me, just a small thing but really not so small in my world then. As a newby to looking at "entheta", I bravely venture onto this thing where Ex-Scientologists are Message Boarding, lots of interesting but intimidating names and avatars, at least to someone that is for the first time entering the forbidden zone. But here is this avatar that HAS to be the picture of the guy himself, BOLD!! And his name is DULLOLDFART. That took a sharp edge off and humanized the board for me, sounds silly, I know.
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Not a lot of things brings tears to me eyes as reading the words rest in peace in connection to someone I know.

I never met Paul in person but has thoroughly enjoyed his company online so many times. I'm really sorry to hear he is gone.

Peace and love to you all.



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I only knew Paul from ESMB. He had wisdom, was kind, and could be funny.

He was a Bodhisattva. An enlightened being who returns to Earth to help others. He lives on.

Somewhere there's a video of him singing. Perhaps someone could find it.

He is still happy, and may even be singing as you read this.
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