Riffer madness: Scientology in a tizzy days before next week’s hearing in Masterson suit


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It’s another Jeffrey Riffer court filing! Oh, we live for angry lawyer letters and court briefs from the pen of Jeffrey Riffer, who works as Scientology leader David Miscavige’s personal legal attack dog.

At issue is next week’s big hearing in the lawsuit filed against Scientology, Miscavige, and Scientologist actor Danny Masterson by four women who say the defendants have subjected them to a coordinated harassment campaign since they came forward to the LAPD in 2016 with allegations that Masterson had violently raped them in incidents between 2001 and 2004.



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Thanks for posting that excellent story from THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER!

First of all, the title Tony gave to it ("Riffer Madness") is really hilarious!


It's quite a story unfolding, where the courts are being asked to step up in order to protect multiple rape and sexual abuse victims from a Scientology celebrity--and from the vicious cult. The article is compelling reading, here's an excerpt (bold edit added):

"But also at stake on March 11 are Scientology’s various motions to quash service of the lawsuit, claiming that Bixler’s attorneys made “fraudulent” attempts to serve the lawsuit on Miscavige and the church. They’ve zeroed in on a hired process server, claiming that he lied about when he attempted service, and keep insisting that they have video evidence and hundreds of pages of corroborating testimony from Scientology lifers to back it up.
But we hope that Judge Steven Kleifield is able to take a step back and look at the ludicrous nature of this situation: Miscavige and his attorneys are arguing that he hasn’t been properly notified that this lawsuit exists, by filing complex and lengthy documents about how unaware of it he is.
It’s so stupid, we don’t even know how the judge puts up with this kind of thing. Will he give Scientology the time of day on this stuff? We will soon find out, at Wednesday’s court showdown."