Remember the BLACK OPS series that CULT managed to axe from airing? All available from WIKILEAKS to REDDIT


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Yeah, these are just great! Some of the best reveals and most interesting narratives. So well done. :yes:


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Black Ops ~~ more about

In July 2020, the Australian Seven News network cancelled at the last minute a ten-part nightly news in-depth investigation of the Church of Scientology and its history of dirty tricks operations.

The series had been painstakingly put together by Seven News journalist Bryan Seymour, who has spent years exposing Scientology’s abuses and controversies.

The network put out a cryptic statement about why it had pulled the show, and we reported that two of the participants in the program, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, believed the show had been axed as the result of pressure from two of the people portrayed in it, Scientology actor Tom Cruise and former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis.

Remini and Rinder surmised that Cruise and Davis had used the influence of their friend billionaire Australian businessman James Packer, who has a close relationship with Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media, which owns the network.

In the weeks after the show was cancelled, we learned that the episodes were being leaked to the Internet, and we posted them here at the Underground Bunker, along with transcripts. Now, we’ve collected all ten links here so you can see them in order.