Reactions to our insider’s claim Scientology in pandemic chaos: It rings true, experts say


Well-known member

We had quite a reaction to the leak from our “Insider” yesterday, who laid out a dire situation for Scientology as the pandemic drags on…

— Sea Org members in Los Angeles were required to take the Covid vaccine, but because Scientologists are so anti-vaxx by nature, the SO members are required to lie about getting vaccinated in order not to upset public members coming for services.

— Scientology continues its early-Pandemic PR relations act by masking up and wearing gloves and spraying surfaces with disinfectant “Decon 7” daily, even though it’s long been known that risk from surfaces is minimal. The use of the toxic Decon 7 is so overdone, it is threatening the health of Scientologists.

— The ‘Chase Wave’ was a real phenomenon that was shut down after it caused backlashes from banks, and regges were punished as scapegoats.

— With Scientologists tapped out financially, harassed and bullied over their health, and events still on hold, the organization is on a precipice.