Xenu Xenu Xenu

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This video is really not my thing and I certainly will not watch all of it. The LRH references were weird because because it sounded like an official Scientology bio of the old dead liar. I wonder. I will leave a few quotes from the comments section.

Yeah, let's pretend L. Ron was at the center of innovation in pulp science fiction during the "golden age."

For some reason I get the impression they really like L. Ron Hubbard....

I like the fiction novel by Hubbard about Xenu and his battle against the Thetans

I enjoyed it. It got Hubbard heavy at the end but I've not turned into a Scientologist. Maybe I'll go now and write some science fiction...

It should be noted that Galaxy Press, the people widely interviewed in this program, are owned by the Church of Scientology and therefore yes...this is definitely a piece for the church.

So that's why all my recommendations are now "Nostradamus", "Perpetual Motion", and "Tom Cruise is not gay"

Pretty obviously an infomercial backed by the Cruise gang (which shall remain nameless by me). Very amusing the claim LRH was some kind of esteemed "explorer-adventurer-blah-blah...". This claim is probably his only significant contribution to the world of fiction writing!