Psychotherapist Fritz Perls on Dianetics


Well-known member

Fritz Perls, of the Esalen Institute and founder of Gestalt Therapy.

Dr. Winter wrote the Introduction to Diantetics, the MSMH in 1950.

Within a year he had moved beyond Hubbard, and wrote, A Doctors Report on Dianetics.

Famous psychotherapist Fritz Perls, wrote the Introduction for Winter's book.

Perls wrote

"The present book is not for anyone who has a fixation, a complete identification with any of the present day schools. Such a person with a fixation will experience anything strange as wrong... Hubbard with his mixture of science and fiction, his bombastic way... his unsubstantiated claims, makes it easy for anyone to reject his work in toto, thus missing any chance to extract any valuable contributions it might contain."

Of course, Hubbard denounced Dr. Writer and his unauthorized book.