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I love the smell of cult "acceptable truths" in the morning!

What a human disaster that promo piece is. They are trying to convince people to BUY their PR technology—when the Church of Scientology has the worst PR of any religion in the world except fanatical Jihadi suicide bombers.

In the photo below what does "PR" really stand for?




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"How to make your products and services well thought of and demanded"

"How to generate goodwill"

"How to get your programs and activities adopted by anyone"

It seems to me that there is some sort of disconnect here. The Co$, the purported experts in Hubbard's PR 'tech', have failed utterly in doing these things. How could that be? Mind boggling to try to understand how 60 years of fair gaming has not brought about the new scilon civilization on this planet. Oh, but wait, fair gaming - that's a matter of ethics 'tech'. PR is admin. Ethics then tech then admin. I guess we're going to have to wait until the Sea Org gets in ethics on the planet and then the Idle Orgs clears the planet before we'll be seeing these three promises come to fruition.

I'm quite sure that Hell will be at absolute zero before then.

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The above photo of the hot chick proudly and brazenly displaying her OT8 certificate for all the world to see.

“One of the newest graduates”.

The Motor Vessel Freewinds has been permanently docked in Aruba for what, like two years ? - But the picture shows her at the stern of the ship, with the wake visible in the water, and open seas to the horizon. - A ship in full sail.

It’s a doctored photograph.