Poster for Tom Cruise outside his aeroplane(s) hangar, 79 flights in one year ?


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Come on, TWTH is for WOGs;
Tom Cruise is neither a WOG, nor an ordinary thetan! He is a super hero on duty, salvaging this planet and this sector of the universe, battling psychs and prozac..he was awarded the freedom medal honoring his service in ensuring this Guluxy is cleaned from psychs, and back to a safer place !

He obviously needs both, "a sort of DC8", intergalactic spaceship, and a private jet! Otherwise, how could he fulfill his mission?


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Yes, some fighter jets use a lot of fuel. For example, an F-16 Fighting Falcon can use up to 800 gallons of fuel per hour, while the F-35 Lightning II uses up to 1,500 gallons per hour. The F-15EX can burn about 1,800 gallons of fuel per hour at cruising altitude.

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Tom ended on a floating needle

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