Pierre Ethier ~~ RIP


Well-known member
Pierre Ethier passed on June 30th 2022
Pierre was a renegade who "imported" a wife from Europe who was non Sea Org.
A Sea Org member marrying someone non SO who was not even a Scientolgist was UNHEARD of.
This caused a major flap at Flag.
You can only * Imagine.*
He was valuable to them because he was a vet of 20 years, trained up to Class XII and he spoke fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and was able to deliver Ls in 5 languages.
He was in a heavy Ethics cycle for marrying a *WOG* who was not permitted to live at the Flag Land base and in the confusion and blow up of it all, Pierre rode off on a motor bike to chill out and crashed and was hurled from the motor bike.
He suffered a bad ankle injury.
This immobilized him so exercise , even simple walking was very very difficult.
Pierre ballooned out to some 400 lbs.
The ankle injury would flare up with various infections through the years and Pierre would get hospitalized.
Pierre wrote blistering exposes on life at the Flag Land base but continued to deliver the LS and practice the doctrines outside the cult.
It is always sad when someone dies still deeply entrenched....
They did FAIR GAME for years.
In Italy he was reported to the Government for doing work cycles without a VISA that permitted working for money.
Pierre used the Internet to tell of his adventures. Its all on his sites.
He went to all 5 continents and some 26 countries ~~ a traveling auditor.
RIP Pierre. Happy trails.