Pewdiepie donates monies to the IAS for a laugh

Lee #28

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Pretty funny bit....

2 references to Scientology.....with that Tom Cruise bit..? I've forgotten if Pewdipie does Cult jokes...
I guess he must if the references the IAS...

Thought for a second....What if Declared myself....sent in a Donation to the IAS. Say $1 dollar.

I wonder if that would throw a wrench in their machinery.....?

If the only "contact" the Int Justice Chief.....then IAS really couldn't accept the Donation and would have to return it?

Make a lot of work for them? Queries flying up and down the Channels....?

Kinda funny....but I wouldn't do it. Haven't been on the Cult radar or mailing lists for decades....and don't want to change that.


I tried to be a good cop in the wrong police force

At 4:25 Pewdipie gives monies to the IAS for loosing a challenge.

Fun? I dunno.
Should have chosen ISIS.

They'll take cash from anyone. From an SP, even better.
Well, you are biased and that's just not true.

The truth of the matter is that they will also accept cheques, money orders and credit.