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About the book by LRH Jr.

About Nib's credibility.
About Nib's credibility.

I'd change psychology and hypnotic to rhetoric. You may not see this.

Nibs (Ron Jr.) said his father used drugs. That alone is enough to raise the ire of Scientologists, whether in or out of the CofS. Below is a repost of some info that may be helpful.

From the 'Penthouse' interview.

Penthouse: "Did he [Hubbard Sr.] encourage you to use drugs?"

Hubbard Jr.: "Well, he used them with me. He was a real night person. We used to sit around at night, sit around his office or home, get loaded up, and talk... He started out by mixing phenobarbital in my bubble gum, when I was ten years old. This was to induce deeper trances in order to practice the black magic..."

From L. Ron Hubbard Sr.'s 'Affirmations':

"Your psychology is good. You worked to darken your own children. This failure with them [Ron Jr., and his younger sister Katherine] was only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was 'ordered'. The same psychology works perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence.


"Darkness is a cloak you may don. Your guardian and your own courage protect you utterly in darkness. You control anything you meet in darkness for that is part of your universe.


"Your writing has a deep hypnotic effect on people and they are always pleased with what you write.


"Your psychology is true and wonderful. It hypnotizes people. It predicts their emotions, for you are their ruler."

As a non-sequitur comment, at the beginning of the first 'Philadelphia Doctorate Course' lecture: "...the prince of darkness. Who do you think I am?" [audience chuckles].

Poor Nibs.

The first "Ron's Org" SP Declare I ever read was the one on L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (Nibs). It was in a notebook owned by the person who is currently the Senior C/S for Ron's Orgs in the USA:

"Sector Ethics Order:

"Ron De Wolfe, alias Nibs Hubbard, alias L. Ron Hubbard Junior

"...He has recently come under direct influence of the infamous suppressive implanter known as Xenu, subject of Ethics Order No. 1 (written in 1967 by Elron Elray)...

"Astar Paramejgian

"Deputy Sector Commander"

The use of "alias" for dramatic effect is another echo of L. Ron Hubbard, whose (perceived) enemies were invariably communists, criminals, or sex perverts, for example, according to the founder of Scientology, his 2nd wife was a Russian spy, sent in to run a Covert Operation on Dianetics:

"Sara Komkovadamanov, alias Northrup..."

Good ol' Captain Bill. And to think his Ron's Orgs flying saucer cult is the number one FZ group. Galactic Patrol Home Page. Free Zone. Captain. Bill Robertson materials. Free Zone Library International. Свободная Зона Технологии. Oh well.

As for Ron Jr., or Nibs, other than his comments in 'Penthouse' and a few TV interviews, and his brief association with the book 'Messiah or Madman?', there's not very much. There is a total of five pages of material, from Ron Jr., in the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?'. And all the material used in "Madman?' was supported by others' testimony and by court's evidence.

There's a confusion re. the 'Penthouse' article, as stories told to Ron Jr., by his father, were presented as being believed by Ron Jr. Ron Jr. believed some of it, not all of it, and was uncertain about some things. That's one category: Things he was *told* by his father. His father *told* him (he was 17 in 1950) that he was selling secrets to the Russians, just as his father told Scientologists so many things. And, not unlike the Scientologists who are still "sorting it out" and recovering, so did Ron Jr. attempt to do so.

Of course, Ron Jr. had the problem of having been Fair Gamed, by his father and Scientology, for most of his life. The two "buttons" that Scientology Inc. went after were "family, wife, children," and "money, jobs, etc." Scientology Inc. was relentless. He signed a retraction (recant), in the early 1970s, around the time that his youngest son was born with Downs syndrome, and another retraction, in the mid 1980s, after being hospitalized and undergoing surgery.

Ron Jr. was told many things by his father, but he also *witnessed* his father's behavior: his father throwing dinner plates against walls, his father drinking heavily, and his father using drugs; he witnessed his father's fascination with the writings of Aleister Crowley, and with the darkest aspects of the occult, witnessed his father's use of self-hypnosis with the 'Affirmations' - the 'Affirmations' beginning in the late 1930s. He also witnessed his father secretly hoarding cash, then telling creditors he had no money, and he witnessed the contempt with which his father regarded Scientologists, the Scientologists to whom his father had repeatedly lied.

And then there are Ron Jr.'s opinions.

Ron Jr. was told so many tall tales by his father that he spent the rest of his life trying to sort it out, and free himself from his father's manipulations. And he said so.

Over-all, Ron's Jr.'s information - the key points - have been confirmed by other sources.

And he's the only Hubbard son or daughter who has had the courage to speak out publicly.