OSA are True Believers


Ron is the source that will lead you to grief
I know where Chris is coming from. And he is not lying and he is not strictly wrong.

But he does say one part of it in a way that I believe can be easily misunderstood. That's why I want to jump in here.

He says: "They (OSA) are the most fervent, fanatical believers of the SeaOrg" and then follows it up with: "You got to want to be in OSA, you don't just get assigned there".

I think this can easily be misunderstood as: "They are the most fervent, fanatical believers in Hubbard's cosmology, postulates space opera, touch assists and all of that stuff". That's not necessarily the case. In fact I'd say that being in OSA requires a certain level of cold-headed pragmatism (even more if one is at inv for that matter). That's not to say people in OSA don't believe that Scientology is out to save the world. Or that they doubt that past lives are a thing.

But some of them are among the SO members least likely to believe in postulates and touch assists. They are often the guys who are willing to go the extra mile to utilize their real-world resources to achive their goals and among the least likely to let Hubbard's policy inconsistencies or his magical thinking BS get in their way.

I guess that was a long-winded way of me trying to say that OSA are "fervent, fanatical believers" in scientology as an organization and in its stated mission. But they can be quite flexible and pragmatic when it somes to all the Hubbard airy-fairy stuff.
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