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Care to comment on why you posted this? What do you think of the contents? It's kinda weird having a music video with the sound replaced by a sermon.


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Actually something does compare to Christ. Dr. Hubbard stated (not merely said) that Jesus' case state was "slightly above Clear". Therefore Christ is comparable to an OT I.

I am excited for the time when Dr. Hubbard returns to this planet so we can ask him how in the heck Jesus could have possibly completed OT I before there were train and bus stations where he could go to count bodies.

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying I am DOUBT about Ron's tech, but I am just "curious" about Jesus and OT I, I'd really like to see his worksheets. And back in the year zero, I am curious how they knew if Jesus F/N'd at the examiner during his attest cycle, if there was no electricity to charge t he meters? As we all know, "Curious" is at the very top of the CDEINR scale and of this personal achievement I am extremely proud.