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Does anyone here have any anecdotal stories about how franchise missions were a bit more permissive about homosexual/bisexual staff or public? Just curious.
Yep. I do.
I was a newbie in '78 or so, and went to work on full-time staff, 5 year contract at Palo Alto Mission.
Somewhere along the line one of our public decided he wanted to join staff. He was/is gay.
He was hired and appointed to a post on the org board: Public Exec. Secretary!
He was made the P.E.S.!

He was a good guy. Everyone got along with him just fine. No one cared that he was gay.

My contract ran out. Due to life changes I couldn't afford to be a staff member any more so I left.
I have no idea what happened to him after I left.

This is NOT OK !!!!

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When the org didn't want to deliver any more auditing to gay people or other undesirables, it was just a matter or R-Factoring them in the MAAs office that they were no longer eligible and then sending them to the registrar's office to donate their account balance to book campaigns to salvage this mud-ball and allowing the illegal PC to "make amends" for their PTSness and Dev-T.


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Not gay Scientologists.
ETA: If the church wants a good response to accusations they are homophobic, all they have to do is publish this photo of this couple who are in charge of the church.
I recall being at the event at my local org where Tom got his Scientology Hubcap of Freedom and was described by McUseless as the MOST dedicated scientologist ever!:duh:
I remember having the tense, anxious fear that they were about to embrace and go into a full lip-lock, tonsil-hockey kiss!

It was just the weirdest moment ever!:omg:

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I recall being at the event at my local org where Tom got his Scientology Hubcap of Freedom and was described by McUseless as the MOST dedicated scientologist ever!:duh:
I remember having the tense, anxious fear that they were about to embrace and go into a full lip-lock, tonsil-hockey kiss!

It was just the weirdest moment ever!:omg:
I remember that moment vividly.

I was still in the shock of " the most dedicated scamatologist I know" as the words ricocheted through my empty skull. The goofy handshakes were just a bonus in my book.

We were all ready to chit them at the first sign that whatever they were doing plowed through the platonic stop sign and went to first base! lol

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Looking at a society rather than individuals. It takes all sorts to make a society, we can't all be Alphas. It could just be that some people are gay. All Species have gayness. It cold be an evolutionary thing. Spare males not that interested in fathering with Alpha females, and fighting to be Alpha males have a role to play in society.
I see what you’re saying, but species that regularly have sex with either sex as an activity (like dogs) still have the Alpha domination thing going on. The most Alpha male dog on top, basically. I’ve seen it enough, and it’s a power play, even as play. Dogs and cats are still usually heterosexual if they have a choice.

In gay socializing they have their own Alphas (queens), too.

As far as gay animals, I’ve seen sweet love between male parrots, teamed up as partners for life even with lots of other choices. But it was very unusual, just as inter-species coupling is unusual among animals. I’ve never seen female parrots couple up,so maybe that’s more rare. For those who chose their partners for love, it was their normal, IMO, and love is beautiful wherever you can find it. Love should always be supported.

I don’t think sex or one’s preference should define one’s hobbies, interests or careers, but it still does for the most part - as much now as in the 60s or 70s, maybe more so, but in a reversed way. There’s so much attention on sexuality now that jobs are being tailored to fit pre-defined sexes instead of the other way around. That’s still stereotyping. That’s not progress.

Progress would be male nurses who aren’t expected to be gay, a female genius Harvard math professor who nobody realizes her sex because she’s so outstanding,or a woman carpenter who nobody expects less quality because her skill set is equal and her success and industry is based solely on merit, on quality performance, not on exceptions.

The bigger picture of an ideal society is one where everyone has the opportunity and training to excel at their best talents and interests in industries that hold high standards and have stepping stones for determined, qualified individuals to achieve those high standards.

I don’t care if someone is gay or not when I hire a painter, I care that he does a good job. Unfortunately, I don’t see society moving toward appreciating individuals for themselves and their unique talents, and sexuality does not define an individual. Far from it.
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Hubtard tried to ding into my skull things that he didn't like, and that I should not like those many things too. Oftentimes some it made sense.

He attacked organizations, governments, other philosophies, yoga, hypnosis, the Navy, officers, all things psychiatrists and psychology, medical doctors, all drugs and double entry accounting for crikey sakes!!

There is a huge list of things he opposed, despised, etc., I can only recall a few things here that I am using in order to make him wrong,
which he was.

He thoroughly dosed his followers with anti-gay. He still does to this day. It will be erased from the tek eventually, and that has been happening for some time.

It just goes to show you the corruptness of the "sanctity of the tek" when something gets stricken that was the masters word, and now isn't.

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My friends (Well, we were once friends until I stopped doing services and hinted that there is something wrong) are still trying to get onto the ot levels. My better half heard from Chris (not his name but it's easier) back in May, that he had one more action to do before getting the invite for otIII. It's been five months and no word yet. Chris' partner Bill (Not his name) is making the money and hoping for the best. It is their eternity after all, it's worth it, eh?

What I wanted was for these two intelligent, good-hearted, fine food-loving friends of mine to see the light and enjoy their lives together. What they are getting is screwed. The cult takes it out on people that it deems "targets." There is probably a better word for it, but once you do something to invoke the wrath of it's mechanisms, you are most certainly screwed. Try leaving staff PRIOR to your contract ending. Try being gay in the wonderful world of hubbardland. You won't get away with it without it costing you $$$$ in punitive auditing, amends, condemnations by EO's and MAA's.

These guys will get out, I will turn them over to this board and they will post their most incredible story. It just may take some more time.

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One of me mates in AOSHEU were removed from post, assigned to pigs berthing and doing hard MEST labor for admitting to having performed gay sexual acts. Not sure why he wasn't just thrown on the RPF.
Because there were no renovation projects going on at the time.


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One of my gay friends in scn is currently doing ex dn.

He still thinks that it's his last step before being invited to getting invited to ot333, halfway to ot 666.

I hope it goes terribly horrible for him, (God forgive me) as it's the only way that those two will stop being so sure they are doing the right thing. I want more people around my town that are out that I can talk to in person.