Norman Starkey ~~ Died a few years ago....Cult cover up, Cancer again 17 Sept 2023 Mitch Brisker


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Norman Starkey died of bladder cancer in a non US country where he was sent for treatment.
He died in June 2019

He was addicted to opiods....


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And nobody really knew where he went, or why. Until afterwards.

Perhaps by being just a little more careful, Miscavige could disappear someone without any question being raised?
Yes. Stealthily & silently disappearing from public view. . .

Seems to be the "successful action". That's how they disappeared Shelly.

That's how they shoulda done Ron.

Just say nothing.

If any inquisitive Scientologists asked where Ron was over the past 37 years they should have been given the simple r-factor that: "Ron is currently off lines handling a cycle".

8 words, simple!

For any followup questions, the person should have been required to sign a $5M confidentiality bond. Then, inside a secured space they would be r-factored that: "Ron is writing up the biggest breakthrough in Scientology's history so it can be released!" (15 words). Then the party being briefed would be required to write an OT Success Story.

It was so unnecessary to hold that ridiculously big & stupid 1986 "OH SHIT RON IS DEAD!" event—especially considering that Scientologists can be handled so easily in only 8-15 words.

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Malcolm Cheminais was also from Jo’berg. He and Kingsley Wimbush ran the Santa Clara mission until the massacre in ‘82. Both trained at St. Hill. Malcolm was hard of hearing in one ear but I don’t remember him ever wearing a hearing aid. And I doubt he ever got punched by LRH. Why these people stayed in omg. Can’t fathom why really.


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Why is Scientology so fearful to release the truth about the death of one of their top echelon execs or leaders?

ANSWER: Not sure, but maybe for a cluster of different reasons. The first that comes to mind is:

The elite OT's death "invalidates" and "third parties" and "dead agents" and "black PRs" the hyperbolic Hubbardian hoax that they supposedly had attained miraculous & supernatural god-like powers, including "CAUSE OVER LIFE!"​

Apparently that last package does not include "CAUSE OVER DEATH".


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Things like this make it so we don't really know for sure whether Shelly is still alive. Same for any others in international management.
yep -- 4 years, and it apparently was only uncovered because someone was looking into something else, and came across info about it happening

other major things have taken as long or longer to come out. the co$ is practically a Schrödinger box at this point....

i suspect DM and what's left of management, don't want it getting out how the ranks of crucial and irreplaceable old-timers who public looked up to as the stable leadership who arose around LRH, are starting to thin out.

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