New National Enquirer hit on the SCN Cult. Found this on check out line in Nationwide supermarket chain


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Did anyone see the LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE where the 4 OT Celebrities on the front page of the ENQUIRER
allowed reporters & journalists to ask questions?

So, let's begin by asking each of you what your thoughts
are about your religious leader and church covering up the
serial rapist Danny Masterson's violent attacks, rapes
and sexual abuse of many innocent female victims?

Thank you for that question. As you all certainly know
I have been given the FREEDOM MEDAL OF VALOR and it's
substantially larger than Purple Hearts and the dinky Medal
of Honor given to military heroes who risked their life and went
beyond the call of duty! So, you can understand that I don't tolerate
any out-ethics in my area. And let me go beyond the call of duty as
a Scientology spokesperson by adding that I have never personally
seen Danny Masterson raping anyone, so get your facts straight, jack!

My personal experience is that Danny Masterson has never raped me so
I am going to just ignore these downtown distractions and keep the
entheta off my lines so I can continue winning and F/Ning!

I am currently starring in a movie about rape. My character at
first is a rape victim, but then she takes self defense classes.
Unfortunately, my character gets raped again so then she joins
Scientology and clay demo's Ron's policy on "NEVER DEFEND,
ALWAYS ATTACK!". So my character gets an AR-15 and begins
systematically hunting down all the rapists on this planet and
attacking & killing them, um, in order to get their ethics in. I feel
really good about the message and I've seen some very nice
success stories by people who saw my movie and began
waking up to the fact that rape is not good and if you
do it, you might pull in motivators -- even if
the church's lawyers and sea org and
COB try to obstruct justice
so you can do your Bridge.

How dare you ask me about rape.
What crimes have you committed?!!!
Have you raped a baby?!!!!!!!
. . .

yeah, scientologists really are that insane

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