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The Oracle

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Zert, are you saying my transcendental Freudian slip channelled "Ouch"?

Sounds about right.
Welcome Ouch

You are already showing excellent signs of recovery. You could mention “a psych” without freaking g out and you understood the”Freudian Slip”

The truth is your salve for the pain. It stings at first but will stop the infection and it the wounds will heal.


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Zertel, I dunno, sounds like a Chinese telecom company to me :D

Ouch, if you want to change your user name let me know what you'd like it to be.


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You're already on your way. My experiences with wog businesses have been very positive, actually extremely positive compared to Scientologist run anything.

I'm out since forever and will give the following free advice:
1. get as much education as you can as quickly as you can. Certificates and degrees PAY. You're probably a lot more literate than the average person so classes should come fairly easily. The one skill Scientology taught me was how to work hard. You should be able to find a lot of places eager to pay a hard worker.

2. read the stories/books of exes.

3. stay as far away from Scientology as possible. Don't speak to them in person or on the phone--close the door or hang up. You owe them nothing, they should be paying you.

4. sorry about your parents. I can't give much advice on that.

5. read Steve Hassan's books on Cult Mind Control. Margaret Singer as well.

6. life will improve. You will meet people.