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Scientologist Jeffrey Murphy thinks Martin Luther paved the way for Scientology’s “Religious Freedom”.
He couldn’t be more wrong.



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The similarities between the actions of Luther and the actions of so many former members of this cult of darkness are indisputable yet Murphy praises Luther while his religion denigrates those who are clearly following in his footsteps.

With The Aftermath Remini and Rinder figuratively marched up to the Flag Building and nailed their grievances right to COS’ front door. They, along with all those who appeared with them, took a public stand against what they knew to be wrong within their own so-called faith.

How is it that Scientology can show gratitude to Martin Luther for his defiance while condemning those who mirror him?

In this much touted blog piece Jeffrey Murphy demonstrates a selective and deficient understanding of who Luther was and what he stood for. The reality is that Luther is more likely to have supported Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and those others who left the cult in the name of truth than he ever would have defended Scientology in their heresy
So very true!