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In the words of Neil degrasse Tyson.
Astro physicist and important Scientist of our generation.
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Those factors by themselves don't constitute evidence that one is in a cult. I've worked for companies that had one leader, a male, and his employees revered him because he genuinely cared about and took care of them all as if they were family. The group wasn't at all cultish in any way.

There have been scientific research teams that had every one of those factors, including having answers that nobody else did, and they were not a cult.

To have one leader in a group and revere him or her and do what they tell you - there's nothing wrong with any of that as long as those in the group have a common shared purpose, and you are free to express your own thoughts, free to express disagreement with the leader if you do, or offer suggestions that are taken seriously. And of course, you're absolutely free to leave the group should you choose to do so.
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... and all the sacrifice and efforts of the many only materially benefits a few or the one, then any benefit of the many is only non-measurable. I think then you might have a cult.
Good one.

An immense material sacrifice for an immeasurable immaterial potential payoff.

Yeah...sounds like the current promise of socialism to me!! End the patriarchy!! Down with systemic racism and whiteness!!