My archived ( wayback machine ) web page of 2002 on how I left scientology


Veteran of the Psychic Wars


I tried to be a good cop in the wrong police force
I found the web page on the way back machine, it's still there. I wrote this 20 years ago. Might be useful for anyone trying to get out.

"Losing The Religion".

Thanks. all the points you listed as reasons that you left are valid. However I feel like one is especially important. Let me quote that one

"22. I decided I would create for myself my own personal policy which was to never surrender my own spiritual growth to anyone."

That I believe is exactly the difference between those who stayed inside the cult and those who decided to leave. You wrote it down in prettier words than I did. I had previously described it simply as
- The ability to say "Hubbard, Miscavige and the church leadership are all wrong, while I'm right."

To create one's own police or way of life, one must be capable of trusting one's own best judgement over those of 'authorities' and 'teachers'. In short: a healthy dose of self-esteem and megalomania never hurt anyone ;)
I'll probably create a blog, and copy and paste it there. I wish I had archived many the links on the page, which no longer work, the links went to some pretty interesting stuff, but a few of them still work. Thanks all for the complements.