MV Freewinds

Brother Hobson - Glad to see you back online with good recall. I assume our meat surgeons did a good job of repairing your body. Welcome back.

My comment about Telex came from reading a few policies that still call for Telex. If they're not using Telex, then it's technically squirreling. Isn't it? BTW I put my RPG-II and COBOL code against your Basic any day. Bring it on!!

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Maybe I misread the location when I zoomed the map in very far.
Vesseltracker shows that the ship has been moored in port for 500 days.

my understanding is that when a ship has been laid up that long it can't just resume operations, and has to be towed to a drydock for both technical reasons -- systems like steering may have rusted to the point of freezing up, for example --and regulatory ones:

After as little as six months, ships may lose certain certifications that allow them to sail legally.
The World’s Cruise Ships Can’t Sail. Now, What to Do With Them?

Reyne Mayer

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At the time the video clip was taken (August, 2021) the Freewinds was still under quarantine in Aruba. That means that a hazardous biological organism is suspected to be on board by the port authorities. There was no gangway deployed between the vessel and the dock as part of the quarantine measures.
I haven't seen anything about them being formally quarantined since the measles outbreak, though they seem to have their own self-imposed quarantine measures. Also, from the context of the video, taken by passengers on another cruise ship, what was going on with the Freewinds was not the norm for vessels in port at that point..

Reyne Mayer

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i'm also reminded of this in a piece today at the Underground Bunker:

The advertisements have even asked Scientologists to consider moving to the ship and using it as an office...
they are effectively billing it as a floating hotel, apparently with no plans or expectations that it will ever move again. i suspect they're flailing around in the face of some sort of catastrophic fail of the ship's seaworthiness and don't really know what to do.