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Oooh @Glenda that helps me - I never did learn all the emojis over there.

@TrevAnon thanks so much... those are my youngest 2. Since we’re all re-intro-ing ourselves...
I need to make the one I took (we’re out at the pool grilling) a bit ago. In the meantime... this is my eldest (24) & my youngest (2mos).

@PirateAndBum - I’m def excited to be here & sharing w/online friends who hadn’t been to ESMB in a while. I’d lurked for a long time, commented just a handful of times in recent years here and got fairly involved online and IRL stuff on the Bunker.

I’m a never-in but found this place & Tony's circa 2012 while my husband worked for a HARDCORE Scientologist who tried very hard to recruit us, then just him. It was insane to wrap my head around how quickly he started to try to influence our home life, my husband, even going so far as telling him to leave me (was 6mos pregnant... problem pregnancy where we almost died) because my health issues were clear-cut proof I was a negative influence and holding him back from his potential success.

This place and TUB helped me get a FAST education, show my husband (as he tries to give everyone a chance and could see some logic in what they showed him and some of the “weird” courses they made everyone @work attend) and helped us pull away from that situation quickly.

In 2016 we lost a “bonus son” who’s a childhood friend of my 2 adult sons to co$ when he started to date a girl from a prominent LA scio family. Scary too... as we showed him everything, warned him, and he swore he’d “never get sucked in” but they managed to find his buttons after 2yrs of them dating, he did the purif and disconnected from us.

So there’s my semi-short version. But this place kept us out of harms way, so as I read stories I realized how important places like this are and how insidious it can be. Sorry just realized this is likely OT for this thread!


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@PirateAndBum or anyone who can answer:

When you use the option to start a conversation, that is like a private message only to that person, is that correct?
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Hello, the website is nice, can you implement a dark mode toggle for it ?

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Hello, the website is nice, can you implement a dark mode toggle for it ?
There are Dark Mode toggles you can add to your browser. Especially with Firefox, several to choose from and see which one you like the best.


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Oh thank you