Money, money, money


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EXCERPT from blog:
I received this email recently, and the person was happy to have me publish it.

This adds to the existing mountain of evidence of scientology worship of money and that they will do literally anything to get it.

Dear Mike:

Congratulations—the Fair Game podcast is great, as is your blog.

On Sunday, Oct. 25, I received a stunned call from a pal who has a mammoth amount of Church of Scientology card debt, something like 17 different credit cards, plus refinancing of his vehicle, along with a second mortgage on his home. His mother co-signed for one or both these loans. This gentleman is a solo worker, in his 60s, and is humbly self-employed. He is a trustworthy, hardworking, and a talented good soul. He is not someone who can be mitigating 16-19 different borrowing relationships and amounts (though, initially, he did earnestly try).