MIKE RINDER BLOG TODAY ~~The Problem of Child Sex Abuse August 15, 2022


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MIKE RINDER BLOG TODAY ~~The Problem of Child Sex Abuse August 15, 2022
Two recent stories highlight the issue of child sexual abuse in religious organizations -- this time not the Catholic church -- but rather the Mormons and the Southern Baptists.
Unfortunately, organizations that should provide a safe, nurturing environment too often harbor sexual predators. There are three primary reasons for this in my view: Organizations that cloak themselves in the mantle of religion tend to remain outside the scope of societal protections against abuse.

Particularly in the United States, where the First Amendment has been interpreted over the years to preclude almost all governmental intrusion into their activities. These organizations fear negative publicity, so they try to keep their problems internal and … [Read More...]



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I had no idea my son, 12 or 13 years old at the time, was having sexual intercourse with 40 year old Marie Warren in Clearwater, (it happened more than once) til I announced I was out of the cult of SCN.
Here is how I discovered it EMAIL from Mat Pesch.
Hello Marty and Karen,
This is Mat Pesch, husband of Amy
Scobee. I have some additional information on the transfer of Alexander from
Clearwater to L.A. Karen mentioned on your blog the slave labor of Alexander
Jentzsch when he cleaned the Fort Harrison toilets and lobby with no schooling
when he was 11 and 12 years old for well over a year.
While Alexander was a minor living at
the QI (Quality Inn – where the S.O. children lived) he was the victim of what
is termed statutory rape, legally. A woman named Marie Warren who was about 40
years old and who worked as a Dept 5 FSO Letter Registrar took Alexander, still
a child and had sexual intercourse in the bathroom of her QI dorm while her 2
roommates were asleep. His mother Karen was in Los Angeles. Heber was up lines
at Int base. This was 1996.
The authorities were not informed and
both parties were immediately gotten out of the state of
Mary was sent to the RPF in Los
Angeles and was subsequently found unfit for the Sea Org and dismissed.
Alexander was transferred to California to work for the church
The reason I know this is because I
was the Treasury Secretary of the Flag Service Org (FSO) at the time. As such, I
was briefed on the situation and asked to immediately provide the funding needed
for the airfare to get Heber’s son out of town because a rape has occurred. He
has to quickly be gotten out of the jurisdiction where the felony (statutory
rape) occurred. I talked to Tom DeVocht yesterday (who was the CO CMO CW at that
time) and he also recalls the incident and corroborates this
The OSA drill for this sort of thing
goes something like this:1. Convince both parties that they are
responsible and grossly out ethics, they have put the church at risk and they
need to withhold what happened. “For the great good…cover up anything that
might not be good “PR” for the Church”2. Get both parties immediately
out of the state, in this case Florida.3. Follow up to keep the “flap”
secret and/or make it go away.Marie Warren went to the PAC RPF and after
things settled down she was Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org.
The above gives additional data on why Alexander was moved to L.A.. There are many reasons
why OSA is currently showing Alexander such “love” per Karen’s post on
Marty’s web site: He is the son of Heber, he experienced child labor law
violations, he experienced the “abortion drill” and he experienced the “OSA
drill” for children that are sexually abused. All of these abuses have recently
been being exposed by Marty, Mike and others.
Because he was the son of the President, Church of Scientology International and had just been raped by a 40 year old, I was asked to come up with the money for plane fare IMMEDIATELY to
get him out of Florida, and out of the jurisdiction of the crime.The
above also might be an additional aspect to Heber and Alexander being kept apart
for 6 years.
Mat Pesch
Corroborated and attested as true by the then CO CMO CW Tom
Commanding Officer TOM Devocht

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