Mike Rinder and Jeffrey Augustine review 2019 and look at what now in 2020 ?


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Mike Rinder and Jeffrey Augustine discuss the Church of Scientology in 2019. Topics discussed:

1. The powerful and effective work of attorney Graham Berry in exposing and getting justice for the elderly victims of Scientology credit card and bank loan frauds. Graham stood out as a true hero in 2019.

2. Rizza Islam et. al. to stand trial in 2020 for ripping off $3.8 million in a Medicare fraud based on running high school students through the Scientology-Narconon Purification Rundown. Jeffrey comments on his observations of the preliminary criminal trial at which the Islam family defendants used a bizarre sovereign citizen argument.

3. Mike Rinder explains why he sees an inevitable divorce between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology occurring very soon. Alfreddie Johnson, Tony Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan are discussed.

4. Mike and Jeff discuss Scientologists and crime: The Spina Brothers $80 million Medicare fraud for which the brothers will be sentenced in February 2020; the $1.8 billion Ponzi scheme known as GPB Capital Holdings that is owned and operated by Scientologist David Gentile.

5. Jeffrey asks why the Church of Scientology is defending alleged serial rapist Danny Masterson even as Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch cynically used the #MeToo movement and the rape survivors in Denim Day in an attempt to get her father Mike Rinder fired from Scientology and the Aftermath.

6. Jeffrey mentions that Curacao, the homeport of the Freewinds, is an island engaged in sex trafficking of women from Venezuela and other countries. Curacao is home to the largest open air brothel in the world, the notorious Campo Alegre. Scientology has never once protested sex trafficking or the other human rights abuses on Curacao despite the Church's claimed commitment the UN Human Rights charter. See Jeffrey's story on this at his blog: https://scientologymoneyproject.com/2...

7. Mike offers an update on Scientology and the Aftermath. 8. Mike makes a prediction about what the Church of Scientology faces in 2020.

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Here's Micavige posing with criminal Jay Spina who defrauded Medicare of $80 million.
He and his brother Jeffrey Spina will be sentenced in February,

Imagine what cut of the $80 million the cult obtained to get this kind of trophy.
You must donate MILLIONS and MILLIONS to be photographed with Miscavige himself



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Jay Spina attained OT 8
Jeff Spina attained OT 8.

Likely cost for each $1million and a lot more in donations.
The cult claim they liberally use sec check technology to find the CRIMES.

2 OT 8s got $80 million of tax payer monies and gave huge amounts to the cult after attaining highest levels in the cult.

OT 8 indeed !

What is wrong with this picture ?

More OT 8s with Miscavige.


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Jeffrey Augustine keeps an eagle eye on those gouging the US Government....so the cult of Scn not only extorts and gouges its own members but
outrageously scams and takes big $$$$ from tax payer money of the US Government....

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Mike Rinder and Jeffrey discuss this on the video above.
The sentencing of the brothers Jeffrey and Jay Spina is scheduled to occur in February.

$80 million frauded out of Medicare by these 2 Chiropracters who donated gobs of it to the cult.

Hope there will be a claw back !

Hope there will be a claw back !
Clawback Provisions Law and Legal Definition. It is a provision in a law or contract that limits or reverses a payment or distribution for specified reasons. For example, premiums paid on insurance may be refunded or clawed back if the policy is cancelled in a certain time frame. Clawbacks lawsuits in US courts, especially from innocent individuals and entities who profited from financial crimes of others, have increased in the years since 2000.

Since the cult of SCN benefited from the financial crimes, I am hoping the Government will *clawback* the money from the cult...

Jeffrey Spina

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Kind of surprising from members of the most ethical group on the planet. :whistle:
Not surprising
They take responsibility in not allowing Medicare to throw out millions of dollars of the US citizens to the evil psych and psych drugs evil corp.

Can't you see they already saved thousands of live
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Jeff and Jay Spina pleaded guilty to defrauding Medicare for $80 milllion.

It is baffling that the cult pretend they have all the answers to crime, overts, missed witholds, witholds, secrets, yet could not and did not find out how their scam continued for years as Jeff and Jay went up to OT 8 all the while being profiled in their glossy magazines.

Come on !

What am I missing ?

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What is wrong with this picture ?
Dave is really short.

Dave does not have a diploma.

There is a stripper pole in the middle of the room.

Did I miss anything? :D