Michael Chan Is Not Aging (Or Sleeping)


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According to this promotion, this is about “aging” and how Mr. Chan only sleeps 2 hours a night and never has a bad day even though he is 60. The implication is that he has found, within the “tech” the answers to aging and not sleeping. Nobody else seems to have figured this out, yet they all have the same “tech” as Chan Man does. I guess he is just smarter than everyone else. At least he is better at convincing people he is smarter…



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He REALLY looks like he needs to catch some Z's ...

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LOL, the guy looks beyond exhausted, kinda like an RPF zombie who is so disconnected from life, reality and their own body that they don't even know they are physiologically burnt out.

But OT's don't think much about "reality" because, everything in a Scientologist's life is "IDEAL".

Scientology is the only game in the universe where everyone wins
turns the pathology called insomnia into an OT power.

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