Matt Feshbach, Original Super Power Graduate, 3 Ls, OT VIII


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The Feshbach’s were using these strategies to create lengthy delays in hopes of discharging their tax debt or forcing a very small settlement. All the while, however, the Feshbach’s enjoyed a luxury lifestyle that included a private chef, an expensive vacation home, and large sums spent dining out and purchasing expensive clothing. Due to their high living and willfulness in not paying their tax debt when they clearly had the means to do so, the courts have consistently ruled that the Feshbach’s tax debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. The US Eleventh District court upheld this decision of the US Tax Court last week.
As it now stands the Feshbach’s owe the $3.8 million to the IRS.

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As it now stands the Feshbach’s owe the $3.8 million to the IRS.
According to reports, the I.R.S. accepted USD $2.5 million to settle Ron Hubbard's tax penalties for inurement (excessive personal profit from a tax exempt organization which they control) - which David "Darth Midget" Miscavige never told the IAS membership during the 1993 "I.R.S. Victory" Event (or ever).

I truly hope the I.R.S. orders the the U.S. I.A.S. Member Trust (and whichever other donation scam corporations got money from the Feshbachs) to pay them under U.S. law.
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