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Squires work under Knights. The apprentice works under a master craftsperson. It has been said that one must also know when to disagree with one's guru. One must also strike out on one's own and without teachers sooner or later. Some people even have more than one guru. Sometimes the Master and the Student haven't even met each other. Not everybody has a teacher. Sometimes you have to teach yourself. Sometimes time and experience are one's only teacher.

Famous Master - Student relationships:

Chuck Berry - Keith Richards
Carl Perkins - George Harrison and later on
Ravi Shankar - George Harrison
Gordie Howe - Wayne Gretzky
P.T. Barnum - L. Ron Hubbard


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The last book I read before joining Scientology


This is a poem I wrote, long ago, when I was a naive new Scientologist.

RAISE the lifeless man
the may beg

RAISE the beggar
that he may steal

RAISE the thief
that he may fight in daylight

RAISE the rowdy
that he may share

RAISE the worker
that he may create

RAISE the artist
that he may free

RAISE the Master
by ourselves being masters


Of course Scientology does not permit anyone to "graduate" from Scientology. It regards "Masters" as competition to be, if possible, destroyed.


Not directly related, but...

Link to a thread where Christ returns to Earth and is recruited as San Francisco Org staff.



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During the 1960s and early 1970s, there existed the Divine Light Mission
headed by God-man Ji Maharaj.

He was quite the rage, for a while.​

Mr, Natural had an encounter with the God -man:
I remember reading about him in Time magazine, years ago...Some college students wrote to the editor that because so many followers had gifted him Rolls-Royces they had dubbed him Two-Car Garahage-Ji. :dieslaughing: