Mark Bunker smeared by Scientologist petty bureaucrat

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I think that there may be nothing more disgusting than an "empowered" scienocrappologist. Paris Morflopolous(sp?), and to think that in years gone by, I frequented his old store and the newer store by the theatre.

I think that the civilians of CW have given up on downtown CW a long time ago. It's too bad, because that could be a great place without the cult.

Oh Well.


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The Tampa Bay Times ran the full story today and included the damning video showing Paris Morphopolous‘ disgustingly abusive behavior towards Mark Bunker. The story is behind a paywall, or I’d post it.
A super-colossal foot-bullet by Morphopoulis that may well help propel Mark Bunker into the Clearwater City Council.
The good citizens of Clearwater will have the final word, with their votes.
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