Mark Bunker at city hall

mimsey borogrove

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"Clearly scientology is worried that Mark Bunker is proving to be a viable candidate for the Clearwater City Council. They are now resorting to one of their tried and true tactics against those who worry them the most (see below in this blogpost for earlier examples of the same playbook)."

"Following is a series of short videos of a recent candidates forum. Scientology sent along a gaggle of hecklers to disrupt Mark’s statements — pursuant to the policies of L. Ron Hubbard. Unfortunately, there is no video showing their faces — perhaps next time when both Aaron Smith-Levin and I are not out of town we will be able to identify the perpetrators and let the world know who they are. In these clips we can only hear them."

More at link including multiple videos of Scientology hecklers practicing TR -H (heckle)


Chuck J.

Election Fraud Has Consequences
Scientology denied: Watch Clearwater church members calling Mark Bunker a bigot | The Underground Bunker

Watching the vid's of the cult members bashing Mark Bunker I came across..........Shahab Emrani ! The FSM along with Tracey Fairchild-Andruscavige who were directly responsible for my 1990 bankruptcy. Yes, I blame myself also for listening to their credit card BULLSHIT.

Shahab, buddy. You. Look. Like. Shit.
Yeah, I know we're all getting older but, minkia!
You didn't age well.

That, makes me happy.
Schadenfruede, I think it's called. You also seem very hesitant and non-"OT" in front of people who are not fellow cultists.

I on the other hand survived the $cn. cults 2011 attempt to make me "end cycle" on myself and am healthy and as good looking as ever. :D So, fuck you Shahab!