Man Is NOT “Basically Good”


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If people have a bad conscience after they did something wrong, is an indicator that they are basically good, me thinks. If they have no bad conscience after they did something bad, this is another story.
What if a Muslim woman in a strict old Muslim nation went out in public without wearing a head cover and had no bad conscience after that?
A lot of "right and wrong" has to do with what society a person lives in and what time era of history.


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Man is probably basically good

The problem occurs when survival or perceived survival matters get in the way.

Key word here being perceived.


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Smoking magic mushrooms is not the right technique to get psychedelic effects. You have to ingest them.
Maybe that's why their minds didn't work well afterwards.:)

On the other hand, some people say that the mind is incredibly sharp after ingesting magic mushrooms. I can't say this myself because I have never ingested magic mushrooms. However, with other psychedelics such as LSD, mescaline or other related products, I have had some interesting experiences. On the other hand, it is clear that one functions in a rather strange way in the "real" world during these trips and that driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery is totally inadvisable.

But all this is just a memory, because during my last trip, 25 years ago, I promised not to use any more psychedelics other than a little cannabis from time to time.
In the 1970's I used LSD and/or mescaline maybe a dozen times. They were interesting experiences from an observational point of view but it didn't result in any "new paradigm of existence" as it did for some people. While I was in scn it didn't make any sense to "study the mind" while using mind altering chemicals so for the six or seven years I was in I totally gave up psychedelics of any kind. Just common sense - lol

Some years after I left scn I started using marijuana again but after about a month I started waking up crying so it was obviously affecting some deep seated emotions so I quit. I continued using alchohol which eventually landed me in Alcoholic Anonymous two or three times and now I'm totally drug and alcohol free for almost 20 years and living life without any type "medication" - haha

Apparently some people like myself have a propensity toward compulsions. I need more auditing to figure this out. . . . . . . . (joke!!)