Luis Garcia steps in to help Danny Masterson’s accusers: Scientology ‘arbitration’ is corrupt


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On November 2, a California appeals court will hear oral arguments in the lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers, who allege that they have been subjected to years of harassment by Masterson and the Church of Scientology.

As that hearing nears, the two sides have been filing documents for the court to consider, and we have new and startling filings for you to see.

The lawsuit was derailed last December when Scientology successfully argued that the four plaintiffs who had been Scientologists (of five total plaintiffs) were obliged under contracts they signed to take their grievances to Scientology’s own internal “religious arbitration” and not to a court of law. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield agreed, and denied the plaintiffs a right to trial. They then asked the California Supreme Court to intervene, which was a longshot. But the court did grant review, and now the appeal will be heard by the California Second Appellate Division.