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What continues to shock how old Hubbard really was, compared to how I thought he was.
The cult of Scientology really obfuscated and tricked people about his age..... At least me.

Hubbard was born in 1911.

So.....Hubbard's entire youth....the big car seller at that time was the Model T Ford. Hubbard grew up in the age of the Model T !

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"In 1909, automobile manufacturer Henry Ford introduced the Model T. This automobile became the most popular and affordable car available to the American people during the 1910s and the 1920s."

And Movies....Hollywood. Hubbard was 16 years old when the first Talkie movie came out....

"The first feature-length movie originally presented as a talkie was The Jazz Singer, released in October 1927. "

Even Radio was in its infancy....

"The Golden Age of Radio
As a result, its popularity grew rapidly in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and by 1934, 60 percent of the nation's households had radios. One and a half million cars were also equipped with them. The 1930s were the Golden Age of radio."

These are just examples....

What I am saying is that I had a grossly incorrect image of to his position in an era....or history.
And I think Scientology hides it....and promotes a different image....

I had thought I "got in" pretty early at 1972. But to see that picture of him in 1973, to see his condition....and how he lived....well, that really changes things. That was hidden by the Cult.
One aspect of that is Hubbard's fiction writing from the 1930's and 40's. The cult keeps trying to repackage it to sell to new marks. Ad campaigns, leather covers, endorsements (probably paid) from writers and other marketing gimmicks to keep up the fallacy that he was - and Is popular with the general public...... but nobody reads that stuff. Not even the cult members forced to buy it to inflate the sale numbers. It's from a different era. Might as well be Wuthering Heights, it's darn near closer to that era than ours.


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"Sarge" Pfauth also said that he'd become increasingly obsessed with body thetans. and i had thought there were other reports that he was really out of it, and maybe even at the end scratching at imagined body thetans -- though perhaps that's not reliable.

but the increased focus on body thetans could for example be aggravation of delusional parasitosis (which can be considered a form of psychosis) that might have developed out of his long term alcoholism and other drug use, particularly if he'd recently be drinking or doing stimulants.

i would add something like suicidal and delusional regarding imagined infestations by creatures or spirits.
What I've heard and read about that time period makes me think that he was literally insane at the end of his life, and had probably been slipping in that direction for quite some time. The whole body thetans angle screams of psychosis to me.