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With that specified DATE and TIME and ADDRESS where Miscavige is scheduled to appear, one wonders:

1) Does he squirm out of it with some legalistic gimmick?

2) If he does show, how many armed security guards would be involved in the transportation, parking, entry to the building, bathrooms and forming a fast-response perimeter around the space where he is deposed? Perhaps firearms would be prohibited from the space even for private security that is licensed to carry concealed weapons---but can anyone imagine the paranoia that must be swirling around a tyrant who has made thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of mortal enemies the past 30 years?

The only pressing question for me is if COB is allowed to provide himself a comfortable environs during the deposition, by bringing in his own custom lectern, background & trained applause seals.

I sure hope that people don't start coughing fits when Dave comes out, might give him the Corona virus or at least make him very worried. I'd hate to see that. People can be so mean!


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In the third of three big lawsuits filed last year by a powerful national legal team, a child sexual abuse case filed in Miami on behalf of a woman going by the name Jane Doe, a document appeared in an online docket today from Jane Doe’s attorneys saying they expect Scientology leader David Miscavige to show up for a video deposition in Los Angeles on the morning of March 24.

It rather startled me to realise that Monique and Marty's case was 4 years ago.

:wow: Time sure flies....

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He will have a crew of fifty with him the night before when he walks through the dep location. He will instruct what changes that he wants. These people will be berated by him and will spend the entire night visually prepping the location. There will be photo shoot people with ladders positioning themselves per his instructions, all this in order to put him in the best possible position for pictures, and to, well, un-midget his royal thetaness. Other depositions will be stopped in order to film the litigants and counsels going in and out of spaces in groups in order to bring about the appearance of hordes of happy people showing up for their depositions. They can get the clear sound orchestra to come with "The Deposition Theme" and this will be played in the background all the way through the dep. He will bring in a group of twenty people and have them sit in the room during the deposition. Later they will claim it was two hundred people. He will have Dan Sherman quickly write answers to the questions posed by the attorneys, and these answers will be ten paragraphs of run on sentences which will confuse, baffle and ultimately put the attorneys to sleep. But they will he awoken by the applause of the twenty, oops, two hundred, people hired to attend. Then this can be dubbed over by the master of disaster himself, mr big bling dangling from his neck Jeff Pomerantz.