Looking for Donna Brann (or Braun)


Hello all. Donna Brann was a good friend from the '70s in Scientology (Dick Dorff's Franchise). I just talked to a common friend, Anna and she asked me about her and so I'd like to know if she's ok. Also from that time Vic Mannechia GREAT DRUMMER and good guy. But I think he may be still inside and I am avoiding those contacts. The last time I gave my phone to a friend who I thought was an ex, he passed it on to the people who call at odd hours department at the CoS. I just answer "no hablo inglés".


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Which city was Dick Dorff's franchise in?

Name does not ring a bell, and I searched the old site.

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Please remind me where you avatar is from, I believe I've seen it as part of a larger work, but for the life of me I can't recall it!!