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Thanks for the welcome everyone! Anyway, was born into that mess and officially got on board when I was 7 after parents signed their rights away to me. Grandparents helped in the printing of LRH's initial pamphlet and distribution. Therefore, wasn't given much of choice. My time there wasn't all that bad until I got my moment of clarity in 2015 a week or so after the loss of my daughters on 12/31/2014. Bit of background, had stints with OSA, FLAG, RPF(both as admin and "inmate"), Sea Org and NARCONON with little stops along the way including P.A. for COB. Yeah, funtimes :\
At any rate, a month after my second daughter was born, their mom was conveniently 'offloaded' . I was given the privilege of raising and working with my girls (unlike most) for the rest of our time there.
My 19 y.o. Bianca developed Leukemia a few years prior just like I did at her age. It wasn't affecting her progress at all in any way. It was discovered by those that felt they had her best intentions in mind(not me) that she was considering medical treatment against Sci policy. When this was addressed by her loosley stable auditor, she was threatened with RPF of course so she could get back on track. She had threatened to blow to what she assumed was a trusted friend and eventually through a litany of T.R's was deemed in-ethics again.
It wasn't too long after all this that I was finding it more difficult to access either one of my daughter's reports. Technical issues, back-ups and like were general excuses made.
Moving forward a bit, we were in Europe, me in Italy and both of them together in Poland working separate missions when I was contacted by their handler that their vehicle had overturned on a small embankment and caught fire. Upon securing transport to the crash site, I was overwhelmed by the discovery of their bodies. A road built for a horse and buggy, yet they were driving a Ford Excursion, of which they hated SUVs that was conveniently provided by the ORG.
Two weeks later I was scheduled to speak at an event in L.A. that D.M. had organized and decided to evade the car service that was picking me up and blow.
In my mind I was going over all my experiences and noticing odd crap that I did not see before. I felt asinine, ignorant and filthy all at the same time. I had to get away and quick. My internal accounts were seized by the next day but I had cash on hand stowed away. Of course, all my residences were closed off and watched. I purchased new phones, and practically lived on a United flight for almost 3 months while I worked on getting my bearing in order.
It wasn't until the last few weeks that I discovered a message on another ex-Sci board that was to me from someone trapped in RPF that got it out via a trusted friend. This is where I learned about the aggressive version of 'end game' that was used on Bianca of which Taylor, my eldest was with her at the time.
Have had a lot of mixed feelings since but am processing each one as they come. So much more to say but am thankful that all of you have allowed me to say this much.


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So sorry to hear this about your daughters :( I'm not here very often but I'm glad I got a chance to read your post. So glad you are out now. Recovery from Scn is a process that takes time, and lots of reading on the internet to undo the indoctrination and propaganda effects. I wish you the best.

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Welcome. Just when you think Scientology cannot get any worse, it does. Sorry for your losses. Unbelievable!
I think your story needs to be put in a book
So happy for you - you escaped HELL and can now have a pleasant life.

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Welcome, Vino2Style! :welcome2:

Your story is so sad. I'm glad you made it out and wish you better days.