Lee Spewing again....


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Thanks for answering! Not many answers, or not willing to answer. I have been thinking that for the most part, the participants here have been out a lot longer that I have been. I think there are many that have been out before I joined. I joined around 1989, and have really been out since 2017.

And again you don't have to answer, I assume that you went through ideal org fundraising as well?
I was a public and volunteered a lot around the ideal org period for the Buffalo org. I was in a very bad place mentally and emotionally them and very incorrectly thought complete dedication and immersion in Scientology would make everything better. It didn't and almost completely destroyed any semblance of sanity I had and nearly ended my marriage. The dedication to Scientology in my life has always had an inverse relationship with my own personal life. The more I gave to Scientology the worse I was as a husband, father, employee, friend, human being, you name it I crashed at it to the degree I devoted myself to Scientology.

It took me a very long time to understand that.