Leah Remini: In Scientology, all sickness comes from enemies of the church


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EXCERPT from blog:
The second episode of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s podcast “Scientology: Fair Game” went live this morning, and we have it embedded here for you to listen to.

Not surprisingly, in the wake of such tragic news as the cancer death of Kelly Preston and suicide of Benjamin Keough, Mike and Leah say they’ve been getting a lot of questions about Scientology and sickness, depression, and death.

And the most powerful statement Leah makes in the hour-long episode is that for Scientologists all ailments, including cancer, only happen because they have been exposed to something that opposes their church. You are sick because you have become a “potential trouble source” (PTS) and you are connected to “suppression” — something or someone against Scientology.