Leah Remini blames Tom Cruise for the spiking of Aussie Scientology investigation


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Underground Bunker on the cancelled Black Ops show.
Asked for comment, a 7News representative responded with the cryptic statement, “7NEWS adjusted the scheduling of the series of its own volition and due to legal concerns.”

Now, one of the participants in that series, Leah Remini, is telling us what was in the program and why, she believes, it was killed.

At the center of it, she says, is Tom Cruise and a side of him the public almost never sees.

“This show had been legally vetted since January by Channel 7. Up to ten hours before it was going to air, it was still scheduled to go. The last-minute decision to kill it has Tom Cruise, Tom Davis, and James Packer written all over it,” Leah tells the Underground Bunker.

Cruise has been a Scientologist since 1986 and is its most visible figure. In 2001, he helped Australian billionaire James Packer through a difficult period in his life, which included helping him get enrolled at Scientology’s flagship Narconon drug rehab in Oklahoma. Packer was then involved in Scientology for about five years, and you can see him in the front row at the October 2004 event when Cruise was awarded the “Freedom Medal of Valor” for being such a gung-ho church member.



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The cult has an aversion to EXTERNAL INFLUENCE which is why they shave down to much familial connections..even Facebook friends.

But boy, they sure use EXTERNAL INFLUENCE

Packer is a billioniare and has INFLUENCE but he's not even in the cult anymore !
Again I will repeat, I feel it was HUGE error to announce the show 2 weeks ahead of time to let Miscavige and RTC plot and plan and pull this off.
They should have only announced in 48 hours before going to air, with no TIME for all this background maneuvering.