Larry Brennan, Nancy Many and Steve Hassan sit down to discuss their experiences with the Scientology cult.


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Steven Hassan's new book was being discussed in another thread and it made me recall these videos during which I was present during the filming.

It was filmed back in 2010 and well worth watching! :thumbsup:

Thanks for those. They are good.

I like the work that Hassan has done with regards to Scientology.
I don't like what he is doing with his hatred peddling of President Trump. He is furthering a narrative that is ripping our country apart and giving the Cult of Progressives food for their fodder.

For Hassan to say that the BITE model fits into Trump Supporters is just plain bat shit crazy. Behavior Control - I voted for Trump and lived my life. Information Control - never watched one minute of the news or read anything about what anyone thought about any politician. Thought Control - I never gave it any thought - too busy making money due to a strong economy. Emotion Control - I felt good about my vote and would take a look at the work Trump has done when it came time to re elect him. Now is that time. He gets a pass and a VWD. I am voting for him again and so is my entire family!

Hassan gets a flunk on his book Cult of Trump!

Trump for President 2020!


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In the first video at 16min, Larry speaks about Marty working for him and that he was just fine, a hard worker and not abusive nor violent. He never encountered such issues with him that were later reported when under MissCavitch.

Isn't if funny how people turned violent, paranoid and sociopath??? Some people ever said MissCavitch was fine in the beginning. It really comes with the LRH indoctrination and contamination from his mental illness & sociopathic behavior IMO. It becomes so deeply rooted after years that the ego self and personality has shifted to a new one. 🤔

Edit: In the 2nd part, they adress this issue of shifting identity and behavior via reframing thoughts. Very informative.
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