L. Ron Hubbard is known as "Source"


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In Scientology, you are pigeonholed into 2 categories.

You are either ON SOURCE

You are either OFF SOURCE.

You can be knowledge reported and sent to Ethics for being OFF SOURCE or promoting something that is off source.
People were sent to ETHICS for reading Harry Potter which was forbidden and then labelled as off source! The only wizards that were created were OTS by Hubbard !

On Source means, you have taken and applied a Hubbard source reference to what you just did.

Whether cleaning glass windows, doing a financial budget, creating Art work, playing music, confronting someone (TR0) analyzing data, building a sauna, handling the media with Public Relations expertisebook.cover.jpge or telling a LIE !

You are OFF-Source if you purchase shampoos or deodorant with a fragrance !
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