Kamala Harris, Vice President


Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back
  • Attempting to ban all Muslims from entering the US (RACIST)
Islam was started among white people and remained as such until it expanded to parts of Africa, Pakistan and Indonesia. Nowadays Muslims come from all sorts of ethnic and racial backgrounds.

You can call Trump's policy "religious bigotry", "Islamophobia" or "know-nothing-nativism". But it is not racism.

  • Calling for a group of non-white Congresswomen to 'go back to where they came from,' even though three out of the four women he referred to were born in the USA (RACIST)
Arguing with or criticizing members of the other party... every single politician starting with the federalist and whig parties way back when did this. How is that racist? :questions:

This whole thing happened with the backdrop of the 'debate' on immigration. Trump was being an ass by trying to game the nativist voters. The other side is being an ass by trying to shield criminals and illegal immigrants for their own political benefit.

Nobody gives a darn about legal immigrants or promoting legal immigration of skilled labor. :eyeroll:

America was built by immigrants. Somehow everyone forgot that. If the US continues to shield illegal immigrants while at the same time enacting legislation that harms or inhibits legal immigrants, outsourcing will only get that much more intense.

One good thing Trump did - he talked about taxing remittances, but he never did it. Which is great, because that would only hurt legal, hard-working honest immigrants and their families abroad.

  • Suggesting that Kamala Harris 'doesn't meet the requirements to be VP' (she's not white - is that why, Don?) (RACIST)
There are many reasons why she is unfit to hold office, I listed some in my posts above. None of them have anything to do with her race. Her policies as AG were unjust all across the board, but statistically the majority of the people affected were black or latino.

Do not take my word for it. Go ask any Californian who had anything to do with the justice system or the prison system when Harris was there. Listen to what they will say. You will likely hear the same things I mentioned, both from white, black and latino californians.
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What used to happen when someone called someone else a racist fascist: "Oh, no, I'm not, let me prove it to you (grovel, grovel)". Something like what would happen when a Sea Org member accused you of "spreading entheta" (notice my handle)

In 2021, after decades of over-use of the terms: "OK. If you say so. Now ask me if I care that you think I'm a racist fascist."

Pay attention to the lyrics below

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