Julia Salmen ~~what a punishment for hard work and loyalty


Well-known member
Julia Salmen, a dedicated Scientologist who was personal staff of Hubbard throughout the 1950s and much of the 1960s.
In the earlier *Red Volume* some technical bulletins were signed Julia Salmen. Her name was eliminated in later versions. Julia worked 60 hour weeks shadowing Hubbard to care for his needs.

There are briefing course tapes where Hubbard refers to her as Julia.

By the time the Class VIII Course was being given in 1968, Julia was on this new VIII course known as "the first Class VIII course which consisted in the main of daily 2 hour lectures. This is when an auditor error was punished by being thrown overboard.
The designated person had to jump or was hurled two and a half stories down, 30' or 9.2 meters into filthy harbor water sometimes with discharge of ship toilets.
When Hubbard saw the jumpers were not getting jolted enough he ordered their hands and feet tied before the jump and a week after that ordered blindfolds as well.
Each morning, the whole crew was required to be there, standing to attention, while the punishments were carried out.
Julia was in her 60s when it was her turn. Not withstanding that she had been a senior Scientology Executive for decades, she was blindfolded, her hands and feet tied.
“She screamed all the way down.
“And when the sound stopped Hubbard looked interested for the first time and rushed two deck hands overboard to make sure she was ok and help her back on board.
“Had he not, I think Julia may have drowned. She could not swim.
Julia Salmen departed the Apollo the very next day. She was done with all of Scientology. (Some of this story I got from Anne Greig, LRH Personal Librarian at St. Hill whom I lived with for 2 years RIP)
It as error and misconception to believe that Miscavige implemented and was the original *CREATOR* of draconian punishments.