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Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back
I liked the later part of the vid when they go into the: "How to ethically say no to unreasonable demands and emotional blackmail" part.

However, I really don't like the opening argument of: "You don't have to understand the mechanism behind it, as long as it works". Because let's be honest, how many times have we all heard in scientology: "Don't bother with the little details, you don't need to know how Hubbard discovered it or the mechanism behind it all - as long as the tech works, you don't need to know."

To me that way of thinking just empowers grifters or new-age mumbo-jumbo peddlers, alternative medicine fraudsters and similar people. "Don't care about all the science behind it. All you need to know is that it works. So pay up pal!"


Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back
Look, I may have a skewed perspective. But I held several posts at continental management and was at inv. And I TOTALLY agree with J.Atack here: "Scientology is about control. It is about controlling people's behavior, their actions, their bank accounts - that's for sure. And controlling their minds, controlling what they think."

That's such a good quote, I'm gonna put it in my signature.

Opening part of the video covers some unbelievable anecdotes of how dark this cult can get.
"On the left side of Haiti" - That'd be Cuba. Somehow I think it might have been Curacao not Cuba.

But then again, I wasn't there.

My second point to You - Wow, thank you for sharing the story of Dr.Denk saying that Hubbard had dementia. :bowdown:

After I left the CoS, I looked at the coroner report and then looked at some of Hubbard's policy letters from the 1980s. I came to the conclusion that at the end of his life Hubbard must have lost his mind entirely. I think I mentioned this several times around the forums - my guess was that it was either dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Well, thanks to you now I came as close as I possibly ever can be to the certainty that it was in fact dementia. And if that is true, then all the stories of people who claim that Hubbard was perfectly sane and articulate up till the day he died - well they are all BS.

Thank you very much Karen, this has been one of the puzzles that bugged me for a long time and it was the uncertainty of: "I think I figured this out, but what if I'm totally wrong, as some seemingly credible people provided conflicting testimonies?". Thanks for giving me another piece of the puzzle. And gosh darn it, I really needed that piece!

I'm sorry to hear that they dragged you oput of bed in the small hours to interrogate you. Heck, I did it to people back in the day (not at the Int base). I know what it does to people if you do it repeatedly. It must have been even worse if you have no idea how long this nonsense will go on.
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Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back
Wow this is a great episode. I am listening to it and I just keep comming up with more and more things I want to mention or comment on.

Jon, I think you again nailed it when you say that the favorites of totalitarian bullies are often the people who oppose them.
That is, weirdly enough, part of my own story. I used to clash with a certain messenger almost all the time and keep disagreeing with the orders. I was sent for punishment several times, but that same messenger would be instrumental in bringing me back each time and declare me "the guy who can get things done around here". It was a vicious cycle that confused me, but seen in that light it now makes sense.