Jon Atack and Karen de la Carriere discuss Scientology lies Cult of Lies and Deception - part 1


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A Scientology member gradually loses all ability to think objectively and to have any kind of critical thought. Hubbard is the guru and he covers any subject under the sun and what he says is believed as Biblical Truth and anything to the contrary is not only false but if voiced is an ethics offense.

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2:43 how many class XII auditors in Scientology? 90% of Class XIIs who reached this highest level got declared SUPPRESSIVE PERSON !
3:50 Karen became a class XII C/S (Case Supervisor) You cannot think for yourself once you become a follower. Your thinking is must only adhere to Hubbard's doctrines.
4:13 the story of Richard Reiss and other high-level Scientology staff who died of cancer
5:08 no-one got further in the technology of the Scientology cult than Karen, so she is extraordinarily well qualified to talk about it!
5:38 how Scientology curbs independent thought through micromanagement and confiscates your own critical thought.
7:02 the billion-year contract guarantees no one will be “self-determined”
8:24 Jon’s thoughts on Orwell’s 1984 9:40 a quote from the appendix of Orwell’s 1984 on Newspeak (the mentally restrictive language of 1984)
11:07 Jon discusses – Scientology redefines words to shape the members’ thoughts. He reads from Hubbard’s issue: “propaganda through the re-definition of words”.
12:19 how words can prohibit thought
13:37 Karen shares a story of how Scientology regges (salespeople) took advantage of a woman’s tragedy.
15:16 Scientology touts FREEDOM as a buzzword. It is actually the personification of TRAPPED.
16:27 How Scientology retaliates against its critics
17:15 How Keith Ranieri’s NXIVM is similar to Scientology, and Aum Shinrikyo kills “enemies.”
18:21 the start (and cause) of Scientology’s feud against psychiatry
19:40 words of wisdom from Alan Watts
20:22 how authoritarian groups take over a parental role in their members’ lives – and an ownership role!
21:52 Karen shares how she had to ‘restart’ her way of thinking
23:10 the true & horrifying depths of indoctrination – people who refuse to leave their prison
23:51 the real meaning of the term ‘to blow’ – and how it applies to Hubbard
24:22 the hypocrisy of sending former Sea Org staff a ‘freeloader bill’
25:19 the feeling of certainty – noesis – and how it drives extremist thought
27:48 how destructive cults steal the best, most altruistic people and kept them from changing the world for the better (at least temporarily)



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Video Description:
Highly trained defector Karen discusses Ron Hubbard's inhumane treatment of his followers - from throwing a pensioner who couldn't swim from four storeys into the sea to ordering a four-year-old to be locked in his ship's chain locker.
Bookmarks by Karen:

1:33 Richard de Mille nephew of legendary Cecil de Mille connects with Jon Atack and gives some surprising info.
3:06 The story of Julia Lewis Salmen. A dedicated follower who shadowed him and supplied every need throughout the 1950s and some of the 1960s. A student of the first Class VIII course, Julia was hurled over the side of the APOLLO in 1968.
4:00 Hubbard did have an explosive temper, monstrous rages, deep seething anger, and bellowing ferocity. 7:00 The Class VIII course was given on the Apollo in 1968, mostly consisting of 2-hour lectures for 12 days 13:00 John Sanborn is asked to transfer a large sum of money into Hubbard's bank account.
16:00 The tradition of throwing staff into bodies of water continued after Hubbard. David Miscavige continued this by getting staff thrown into icy cold swimming pools, bacteria-infested lakes, or hosed down with high-powered hoses so they were soaking wet.
19:10 The "HOLE" was also called the Scientology Dungeon where 100 top SCN Executives were imprisoned. under appalling conditions. No one rebelled. My ex-husband Heber Jentzsch was in the HOLE for 8 years and ended up with Alzheimer's.
22:00 It’s this kind of conduct that eventually ends up at Government level; when the public feel that they have no option, they report to Government authorities. The Apollo was kicked out of every port in the Mediterranean. 25:40 Recommended book by your host Jon Atack "Let’s Sell these people a Piece of Blue Sky" Buy it! Read it! Get educated!
27:00 Steve Cannane 's book tells the story of Scientology in Australia. Highly recommended reading.
30:00 The IRS has 1000 agents working on the SCN case before they rolled over. The new generation of CPAs and Lawyers that work in the IRS HATE SCN. They tried to sue 1400 agents personally; the current IRS agents spit on SCN.
34:00 Janis Gilham Grady is sent to me on the Apollo where I was a public member, sending an invite from Hubbard for me to join the Sea Org.
39:00 Janis Gilham Grady was with Hubbard 8 hours a day for 11 years since she was a child 13 years old. The story of her torture, kidnap and imprisonment after Hubbard assigned her liability and she was sent to the prison camps (Rehabilitation Project Force = RPF)
42:00 Describing the RPF: a Hubbard devised punishment on his own designed to shrink someone into a dot. People are in this prison for YEARS
47:00 The cult put out the false rumor that Janis had had a psychotic break because in the culture no one speaks to you when you have had a mental breakdown.
50:03 Peter Gilham, certified chartered accountant, was put in the Chain Locker as a punishment after he angered Hubbard.
51:00 A four and half year-old Derek Greene was put in the chain locker for 3 days
55:00 Jon has researched the SCN cult for decades and his books have helped numerous people free themselves from the cult.

The tyrant L. Ron Hubbard & his Sea Organization slaves - with Karen De La Carriere


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Jon Atack: "Some of Hubbard's claims are fairly preposterous."
Me: Jon, you just delivered the understatement of the millennium.