Jefferson Hawkins ~~ 35 years in the Sea Org.


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Jefferson Hawkins had a very long journey.

Some 35 years in the Sea Organization. He watched it evolve into increasing cruelty and unconscionable violations of basic human rights ~~ sleep deprivation, long periods of confinement.enforced abortions, enforced divorces, beatings and more.
He wrote a book which is on Amazon and was warmly welcomed by EXes. "Counterfeit Dreams." I am posting a little story he told on how Jeff Hawkins disconnected from the Sea Org.

He threw his GOLD RING into the Pacific Ocean.
Excerpt from his book "Counterfeit Dreams"

QUOTE (JEFF's words)
I took a long walk down State Street in Santa Barbara, all the way to the beach. At the end of State Street, Stearn’s Wharf juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It is a long pier, filled with shops and restaurants. I walked all the way to the end, past all the souvenir shops, past the fishermen with their lines dangling into the water. I walked to the very end and looked out over the broad Pacific. It was a bright and sunny day, white clouds on the horizon, and distant sailboats tacking in the wind. I felt the salt breeze in my face, the warm sun.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a heavy gold ring. It was blocky and ugly, a huge square with the number 25 embossed on it, and over that, the Sea Org symbol. It had been presented to me in 1996, for 25 years service in the Sea Org. I felt its weight in my hand.

Then I spun and with all the force I could muster, hurled it in a long curving arc out over the waves. It disappeared without a trace.

I turned and walked back towards town.

The Sea Org gold ring lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.Jefferson.Hawkins.jpgJeff.H.Catherine.png
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I loved Jefferson Hawkins book. Just finished reading it. Wowzer! What a great writer and what a harrowing story.


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That's 35 years too many.

Clarification: in the above statement I'm not blaming Jeff, just sympathizing.
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I also loved Jefferson's book! It was compassionate, entertaining, kind, insightful, illuminating, fun, wise and above all truthful.

All the things that cult leaders L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige are absolutely not.

Yet, those viciously parasitic con men and cult criminals labeled Jefferson a "suppressive person"! LOL.