Jana Maciejczak ~~ another child in the Sea Org ~~ her story


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A couple of days ago Outer Banks forum on Facebook welcomed a new member.
I asked Jana if I could cross-post her story here and she gave me a green light.
Here we go. (Please excuse punctuation ~~ it is the story that counts)

Cut and paste from Outer Banks:
Today we welcome new member
Jana Hinze Maciejczak
She has quite a story to tell.
A child made to scrape barnacles of the side of the APOLLO and slave labor. Rape and co-erced abortion.
This is Part 1 of her story

My story is not as horrific as some that I have now heard! It’s heart wrenching but none the less the things they did damaged me for years to come
My mom joined Scientology in around 1970 and then we relocated to California from New York actually New York to Portland Oregon to Seattle Washington then finally LA in 1971.
Still being young I don’t recall some things . Anyway my mom got real involved in it. She met a lady Luana has a daughter named Shawn and I cannot remember her last name but she supposedly reached OT level! Anyway her and my mother became best friends and I think my mom joined staff somewhere in LA I don’t know if it was North Hollywood I definitely know and remember being at the celebrity Center.

Many times there’s a lot of things that are just blocked out of my memory but I do remember some of the living conditions were horrendous I know my mom didn’t have much money I remember sometimes sitting in front of somebody for hours it seemed like having to say do fish swim do birds fly other crazy stuff I had no choice.

I didn’t see very much of my mother for some reason and then one day she told me she was going to send all my childhood stuff to her brother in Europe and we were going on a ship I did not understand at all next thing I know we’re on a ship out in the middle of the ocean !

I remember I was terrified most of the time I was on there we worked like dogs all day they would set me on this little piece of scaffolding and lower me over the side of the boat while out at Ocean to scrape barnacles off the side of the ship for hours,

I was only about two or 3 feet above the water had to hang onto the scaffolding while I was trying to take barnacles off I remember being scared shitless couldn’t find my mother anywhere they would hurl me up every once in a while for a quick drink and then back down.

I went one time I got in trouble for something I can’t even remember and they put me up in the crows nest for six hours. It was horrifying!

It seems like we were on that ship for eternity I really was too young to understand what was going on .

I asked my mom questions and she told me to just be quiet and do what I was told she wouldn’t talk about it with me I remember attending a lot of celebrity parties at the celebrity center with her and they were other parties that Scientologists had at other places! I was about 13 years old and we were at a party my mother and I and a bunch of Scientologists she wasn’t paying any attention to me nor really was anybody else one of her suppose it friends.\

I just know his name was John he was about 30 something years old he kinda pulled me aside and gave me a drink it was alcohol well I thought I was a big girl so I drank it and apparently drank more next thing I know I wake up to a man (John) forcefully having sex with me I came to screaming in pain I was a virgin and him saying it’s ok relax it’s me John I won’t hurt you. I tried to push him off but could not when he was done I was laying in a pool of blood I then remember throwing up he cleaned me up put my clothes back on an took me back to the party telling my mother I apparently was drinking an got sick so he took care of me and she should take me home!!

He did look me right in the eyes while laying over me and said I’ll never forget it...don’t you ever tell anyone what happened here or we will both be expelled and you will never see your mother again! My mom thanked him for taking care of me an brought me home!

I continued to bleed into the next day but was too scared to tell my mom so I just dealt with it well then I got pregnant.

I really didn’t know I was but something wasn’t right with me so amazingly my mom got me to a doctor only to find out yes I was pregnant!

Oh dear God the terror that rose up in me was crazy cause I thought now what am I gonna tell her I mean shit you can’t hide that so she never said a word all the way home and then looked me in the eyes and demanded I tell her what the hell happened!! Well of course it took me a minute but once I started it all came out!! My mother was absolutely livid!!!! She hugged me told me first thing in the morning she was going to the head of whatever org she was in and demand something be done well that was a bad idea!!

Next thing you know she talks to someone sorry I don’t have names right now and comes out looking pale! She then asks me do you want to keep this baby or have an abortion ? I was 13 how do you make that decision?!?! She said if I wanted it she would have to send me far away to a family I didn’t know in Missouri ( go figure I was destined to be here) and I probably wouldn’t see her for some time or I could get the abortion! I asked her what should I do? She said the church highly suggests you get the abortion and you can talk to no one about this but me!

Well I had the abortion. In the meantime my mom wanted to know what was going to be done about John she was pissed well they set up this meeting in an office i just remember it was a top floor I could not tell you what heads of who were in that room but I can tell you they were apparently important Scientology uppers!!

So it was them, my mom , me and then they bring John in the room I was terrified now an my mom looked at my face an knew it. They told him he had committed treason against the church and was banned forever made him apologize to me and then he was escorted out!!
Then they told my mother and I if we ever spoke a word about this incident I would never see my mother again! Now we were both sick an terrified! I’m not sure how or exactly when but very shortly after that I remember my mom waking me up in the middle of the night she had a small bag for me one for her she told me to get dressed be quiet and don’t ask any questions so I didn’t we were met outside by a man I’d never seen in a car I have never seen and we were gone !
End of Part 1.