James Solomon Showker (3/4/49 - 3/30/18)


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Eugene, Oregon

2018 Announcement:

On Saturday, June 16, the WOW Hall will be hosting a celebration of life for James Solomon Showker (3/4/49 - 3/30/18) who was a recent WOW Hall board member. Jim had a lifelong love for music. Starting in Virginia as a young radio DJ and later moving to California in the early 70's, he continued his passion for music by partnering in a sound reinforcement business. He worked in TV and live sound for many of the award shows such as the Oscars, Grammy's, Emmy's; the big DNC conventions, the Olympics, and half-time at the Super Bowl. He was an inspired inventor who improved on the ideas of others, he wasn't always first - but he was the best.

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Grateful Dead's famous "Wall of Sound" I believe this is sound reinforcement...

Never heard of the guy....don't know if scion or not.


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What is sound reinforcement?

Was he a scilon?
not exactly sure what is meant by sound reinforcement. guessing his ex-wife wrote that. back in the 70's he started building klipschorn speakers which he told me was something he understood how to make after seeing his whole track on the OT levels. then that evolved to doing the complete sound system for various shows. he had a ton of occupations in his lifetime. he loved tinkering and building things. in the 70's he was determined to make a porsche engine run in a vw squareback. it didn't go well. in oregon he built and flew his own plane. the job he had when i first met him was working the flea markets year round. in the summer, he'd pick up scientologists in need of work at the org in LA, pick up ice cream and drop them all at the flea market to sell. then he'd take a nap in his van (hungover usually!) in the winter he'd pick up the people and pretzels and drop them off. he also sold tshirts there. he had some friends named Bob and Annie that sold sheets at the flea market. They looked like poor hippies but were quite rich. his apartment in LA at the time was fascinating. bags of coins all around that he couldn't be bothered to take to the bank. empty buckets to catch the rain where it leaked. boxes and boxes of t-shirts. since the roof leaked (he was on the third and top floor) he stopped paying rent until the landlord fixed it. and you know it doesn't rain a lot in LA. anyway, at least a year of not paying rent. when the landlord finally fixed the roof, he moved. crazy story. he had built an awesome bed on a platform that was eye level with the window. the view of the LA skyline was amazing. by the time he passed he had become an extremely wealthy man.

google gives a glimpse: jim showker - Google Search
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he was a triple pisces that i'm guessing would have made him psychic anyway. but adding in being OT, it was amplified.