Is Scientology Satanic?


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OK, I just received a telex from Ron, and he's pissed that you wrote that!

In all seriousness, at one point a program was created within the CoS whose purpose was "to create the image of L. Ron Hubbard as the next messiah, just like Christ, Mohammed, or Buddha"

For anyone unfamiliar with this, Tony Ortega published an excerpt of Nancy Many's book, My Billion Year Contract as she was directly involved with the program:

Scientology’s messiah? ‘Hubbard believed he was as great as Jesus, Buddha, & Mohammed’
Scientology’s messiah? ‘Hubbard believed he was as great as Jesus, Buddha, & Mohammed’ | The Underground Bunker


This week in our series from books about Scientology, we have an excerpt from Nancy Many’s fascinating 2009 testament, My Billion-Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist. Nancy is the only former church member who has written about the “messianic project” of the late 1970s, and we’re glad she gave us this section to show you…

In the late ’70s, I worked on a series of public questionnaires that had been ordered by L. Ron Hubbard entitled the messianic surveys. There were a series of them, and some involved research and finding specialized information. I did the parts that I was handed by going to the library to research information on how individuals and some small groups made it to the international stage. How did these obscure individuals actually make it to the forefront seemingly overnight? I had discovered that while the public seemed to see them as appearing overnight, there had actually been a lot of work behind the scenes to create just that impression.


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Synful Syllogisms:
If Messiahs (like Jesus) sacrifice themselves by dying in order to save mankind from evil and suffering, and;​
L. Ron Hubbard intentionally shed his encumbrance (body), thus sacrificing himself--​
Therefore, Hubbard is a messiah*.​

* Because he saved mankind from the evil/suffering of Scientology by electing to not use his OT powers to prevent himself from unexpectedly dropping dead.


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The essence of The Tek is metered auditing.
The essence of the Religion is Occultism.
In my opinion.
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Millions or billions of people over the course of human history have had the random experience of perceiving a universal intelligence as perceived through their cultural filters. It could be just a release of chemicals in the brain.

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You know I think this basic philosophy of God or Satan or the creator was my basic disagreement with Scn. Everything else was an excuse. Scn has made me a cynic of organized religion but not the idea of spirituality and a supreme being.

I have taken some flak here at times for this belief. I think many get into Scn because they are spiritual and after enduring the abuses and insanity in it reject spirituality. I feel this may be one of Scientologys greatest sins to these spiritual people. It causes them to go against an internal core belief when they reject all things to do with the spirit and they are miserable for that. It has to do with cognitive dissonance in which I have posted about before. To FULLY recover from Scn one has to be able to say Scn is right on some things and I agree with it on these things. Spirituality is one of those areas. Maybe not Scn brand of it but at least the idea of does exit and is real. Now this is only for those who spirituality basic to.

I have come to the conclusion I don't want the vaunted OT powers even if real, That is what my God is for. Maybe it is failure to take responsibility on my part but I realize I don't have the power to make everything go right . This idea of OTs being all powerful is where their moral superiority comes from but it sets them up for a fall because not everything will go right.

In Satanism the individual is more powerful than in traditional religions and the devil more of a pardner than someone to be worshiped as are the demons in one. I am not sure if I'm Scn one is to exorcise the BTs or merely control them. If it is control it sounds much like Satanism to me.


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In the end, scientology gives worship to Mammon rather than Satan.