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Theta N feels extremely lucky to have interviewed a true legend among Scientology auditors, Perry Shepard. Mr. Shepard recently passed away in April 2021 at the age of 93, and this interview was conducted just 4 months prior. Perry was one of the first Dianetics auditors, beginning in 1951, and audited non-stop for over 70 YEARS - yes even longer than LRH himself. Tons of amazing information here from a man who has has seen just about everything--including the first ever TRs course!

- Astounding Science Fiction & The Early Years
- 1951 - HDA in Los Angeles
- The First TRs Course Ever
- Beginning of Theta Universe
- Early Exteriorization
- TRs--continued
- Going Clear
- Comparing Clear to OT
- Axiom 11
- Does the Tech do What LRH Says It Will
- Meeting LRH
- Development of OT Levels
- OT DATA: Why the Changes in OT Processes
- State of Clear
- Homosexuality and Scientology
- Outdated Tech
- Mock-up Processing
- 70 Years as an Auditor
- What went wrong with Scientology
- Exteriorization
- Next Lifetime
- An OT Postulate: Applying Scientology to the Current Earth Scene
- Final Question
- A Message to Those Who Have Fallen Off The Bridge
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